" The journey of true discovery lies not in finding new lands but in looking through new eyes "

Elite performance presentation

Mr. Dave Acosta is a mental fitness coach, motivational speaker and corporate culture expert and trainer. He has been a featured keynote speaker at various corporate events and is highly sought after for his Elite Leadership presentations and camps. He works with individual athletes, business professionals, coaching staffs and corporate organizations. Dave is recognized for his ability help elite individuals and corporations embrace a new perspective, which in turn lead to a shift in paradigm. His innovative approach and passionate delivery have an immediate effect on participants. One of the most common phrases used by clients to describe his presentation is “life changing”.

Dave has worked side by side with some of the world’s most elite performers for over 20 years. Dave started his career in law enforcement in Las Vegas where he spent 9 years working in specialized units, including six years as the point man on the North Las Vegas SWAT Team. He moved on to become an international tactical instructor as well as team leader for high-risk protection teams in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and Latin America. He has conducted hundreds of real world tactical missions and his company continues to provide protection and tactical training to clients around the globe.

Most of the time Dave spends over-seas is spent working with hand picked operators and instructors. The majority these men are former Navy Seals, Special Forces and Marine Recon operators. Over the last 20 years Dave has focused on studying what makes these men so different from the average person and what makes them “Elite.” He has found a formula that includes four common denominators that every elite performer possesses. These apply to all elite performers, whether they are competing in athletics, the corporate environment or the battlefield. The formula for success is the same regardless of the environment. The basic qualities that make a Navy Seal “elite” are the same qualities found in a pro-bowl NFL player, an Olympian, an extremely successful entrepreneur or a champion tri-athlete.

" The journey of true discovery lies not in finding new lands but in looking through new eyes."